New Houses

New Houses

It’s imperative to find the right type of builders when you are planning to construction a new home, arrange a commercial fit out or perform renovations on your property.

HawkEye is a reputed construction firm dedicated to helping the locality of Townsville city, Queensland, with high-quality new home construction and renovation solutions. With many years of experience, contracts with the best local suppliers and a history of creating customised homes, we are the ideal choice to have your home constructed or renovated within your required time frame and budget.

Hiring the right contractor to deal with your residential or commercial project is a major decision. You will require a local reliable firm with an excellent, proven track record to carry out the construction job for you that meet your needs. At HawkEye, we leave no room for any complaints. Our skilled and experienced workforce will take care of your needs fast and effectively!

Feel free to contact us with all your queries and collect your free quotes today! We are always available to serve you with honesty and integrity! If that’s not enough, it might please you to know that we are fully licensed and insured!

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